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How To Close a Sole Trader Business?

Free Legal Article3 min read
If you need to know how to close a sole trader business, check out this step-by-step guide to help you get started. read more

How Long Can a Corporation Exist?

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Corporations can be established by the articles of incorporation, the founding documents that establish your business with the state as a separate legal entity. read more
Each company can establish its own policies and procedures for operation in a document such as bylaws which is in accordance with local, state, and federal law. read more
How do venture capital firms find companies? The answer varies by firm, although most rely on networking with service providers and industry experts. read more
A foreign LLC is a limited liability company that was created in one state and registers as a foreign entity to conduct business in a different state. read more
Is a promissory note a negotiable instrument? Yes; this type of negotiable instrument can be transferred by its holder just as cash can be transferred. read more

FDI Law: Everything You Need To Know

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FDI law regulates foreign direct investments, a situation in which an investor who has significant influence over a business that exists in a different economy. read more

Define Public Limited Liability Company

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Do you need to define public limited liability company? This UK term refers to a company that trades stock shares on the public exchanges. read more
Consideration notes indicate the items of value that are exchanged by each party to a contract. read more
A collateral promise is one that is established by statute. A promise established aside from the legal statute is referred to as original. read more